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As in the past two years, Born Creative Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 26 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Ikebukuro.  (I wrote on this blog earlier.) This is a whole-day event with performance and workshop held at different places of the Theatre.

It is a great opportunity to get exposed to the variety of music, this year by Japanese artists.  As I support, Dai Fujikura, producer of this festival, I have attended the past two festivals and always have had fun.

In particular, I invited some participants of the seminar/workshop last year and it gave me a good opportunity to get to know them.  This year, I am trying to do similar invitation to the participants of SINCA series and some support people (though I have NOT announced yet.)

Now that performance at concert hall is quite restricted, it will be a good opportunity to get exposed to live music performance.  Here is the link to the performance (only in Japanese, but you can get the idea?)

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