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 I attended Born Creative Festival 2020 held at Tokyo Metropolitan Thetre yesterday.  Unlike last year, I just heard Special Concert held at the Concert Hall at 2:00 pm only (not attending other workshops etc., as I have other commitment. )  This year, the program was revised a few times as no artists were able to come from overseas and those in Japan (i.e. Japanese) performed.

I thought it was a good opportunity for us to get to know many Japanese artists doing interesting and new things.  In fact, some artists such as Hidejiro Honjo was able to participate, because he was not able to go overseas.  (I regret I did not have a chance to hear him perform, as I like his Shamisen very much.)

The pieces I liked are three after the intermission.  The one by Otomo was very interesting as many kids showed up to “conduct”? orchestra.  I also liked Passage by R.Sakamoto as Sato narrated.  It had quiet power to move me.  I also was very much looking forward to hearing the last piece “Music from Afar” composed by Dai Fujikura, producer of this event.  He was performing from his place in London.  If we did not know that he was in London, we would have assumed that he is there with the orchestra.

I think it was an interesting attempt to go beyond distance, even for performing arts.  I hope that Covid-19  has and continues to bring many new initiatives in variety of fields.  When we are not able to do certain things, such as perform at the same hall together, we go back to the original objective of

what we are trying to achieve and try to find other ways to accomplish the objective.  I think it gives us a lot of freedom to think and act creatively with imagination.  This type of opportunity does not happen so often and we should make the best of it. (while trying to control the infection.)

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