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IMG_4325This afternoon, I went on the boat cruise along Na Pali coast of Kauai. It is a dinner sunset sail on very nice catamaran. I had tried snorkel BBQ sail many years ago, but have not tried it recently, partly because I was always late to reserve. (It is very busy time of the year.)

IMG_4327Since my love for sailing came back this year AND I wanted to try something new during this trip, I signed up for the cruise.

It was a sunny and lovely day for the cruise. We were able to watch whales, see dolphins swim along us and turtle along the way. (I post video on my face book page.)

But we were not able to sail along Na Pali coast line due to high waves. The staff told me the news when I checked in, to make sure that I still want to go.  I heard it happens often particularly in winter.  In fact, one family decided to quit the cruise as they heard the news.

IMG_4337Despite the high waves on Na Pali coast, the south shore we went instead had almost zero wind. So we ended up using engine most of the time. It was nice to see the island which I saw recently from the small plane from the boat.  The condominium I stay looks a bit different from the sea.

IMG_4350I wish we could have sailed more, but it was wonderful to stand on the deck, feeling the wind and watching the waves. The steak & BBQ prawns dinner with drinks was great and the crew was very hospitable, and hard working, making sure everybody is having fun.

Sunset from the boat was simply gorgeous.   It made my day.

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