“Blue Wing” project originally developed by A. Fukabori, one of the participants of GAS2010 is in the process of final launch as a part of ANA’s global strategy.   It was the idea to design “win-win” collaboration for the company and the change makers, specifically Ashoka fellows.

A. Fukabori, social intrapreneur, has continued his efforts, talking with people at ANA, refining the original concept and simply being persistent to make it happen.

I have been supporting A. Fukabori’s effort in the past four years, sometimes offering advice and talking about the idea with the top management of ANA. (There are quite a few blog entries under Blue Wing!)

I also participated at the kick off of Blue Wing project held at ANA last year and supported the trial launch which began earlier this year.

We solicited many ideas to promote it during the session #15 of (DET)”Davos Experience in Tokyo Series“, with ANA team helping us with details.  Though they struggled to receive many vote during the trial period (whose deadline is the end of July), I heard that the company decided to continue the initiative as a part of its global strategy several days ago.

Then on my flight to Kagoshima on Monday, I happened to see the promotion video of Blue Wing. I was so excited as it was clear that ANA is now promoting this initiative on the corporate level.

Again yesterday, I watched it on my flight to Fukuoka. (This time I was ready and was waiting!)

A. Fukabori sent me a note saying that the initiative and promotion is reported  in German online  magazine.
I am so proud of A. Fukabori and his team who did not give up and persevered. Now we can start the real campaign!