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IMG_5266I arrived in LA Sunday evening local time after 9 hr-flight from Haneda ( I slept through.) I used to avoid LA airport as it was spread out, difficult to figure out where, but new renovated section seemed much more efficient. (After all, it has been several years since I arrived in LA airport!)
In less than an hour of touch down, I settled at the hotel room nearby.
My friend whom I had not seen for several years (we used to work together at Hitotsubashi ICS) picked me up and we went out for dinner at very nice place in Culver City. I thoroughly enjoyed California cuisine of kale, octopus, etc. with wine.
We had so much to talk about but found out that we were doing something similar during the time we lost contact. I was so lucky as she contacted me through face book (I believe) several weeks ago and we were able to get together.
I love big blue sky of California always, and this time, found the pink clouds in the evening so lovely. California here I come!

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