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I often wrote about crisp and cool air (i.e. blue sky) and various kinds of clouds while in British Columbia.  As it is already quite warm (i.e. hot & humid) early in the morning in Tokyo,  what I find is hazy sky and few clouds.  The sky looks bluish grey and I have NOT seen any cloud to speak of.   Probably I can ask whether there is a possibility of setting up Japan chapter of Cloud Appreciating Society.

One another thing that amazes me is the high price of food-in particular, vegetables and fruits.  I have no intention of comparing prices of “local” fruits such as berries in BC and apple pear in Japan.  Even if we compare apples, grapes, banana–standard fruits you can get anywhere- the price seems to be much higher in Tokyo.  Now I am back to my routine of  going grocery shopping on  “sale” days.

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