I met with Gunter Pauli who has great ideas for the Blue Economy at TEDxTokyo.  His presentation was very interesting, and I wanted to explore more.  So I sent him a note of Thank you and he responded with very simple and very informative,  inspiring video.  Here it is.

  I am getting more concerned about the electricity issue now that the weather is getting summer-like (not this morning as it is cool.)  “Summer-like” in Tokyo means extremely high humidity, heat that does not cool off in the evening and uncomfortable air, making you feel exhausted. (That is why I stayed away from it, as much as I can!)

   It seems Blue Economy idea  is great and, in addition, it has been already implemented.  I hear that it can be implemented quickly now in Japan.  The only thing that is left is the  decision to explore more and give it a try!  I feel that we have been waiting too long for decisions to be made (For example, where did the idea for daylight saving time go?), and it is time for us to ask for the swift decision to be made to examine and review feasibility very quickly, and not put it off any longer.