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 More and more we hear about Blockchain as key to the next phase of technological transformation as the mechanism for transaction.  We see many articles and reports on Blockchain, and yet, it is rather difficult to grasp what is unique and core concept about Blockchain, except it is a distributed shared ledger with transparency and security. Reading the book by Joey Ito of MIT Media Lab in Japanese, there is much more fundamental and transformational behind this concept, and not just for money game as often reported in media.
If you are like me that is still not quite clear about them, join us on Friday, April 13 at session #57 of Davos Experience in Tokyo as we informed earlier. 
We will have two experts on Blockchain, who will give us Blockchain 101. I have asked them to  respond to questions we have during the session, no matter how basic they are etc.
I personally feel that we need this type of session where you feel free to ask questions to your satisfaction, without worrying about how others see you. I read some books and reports on Blockchain, but still do not feel sure whether my understanding is enough for now. Though I hear the term hash and mining, I still am not sure whether I can explain these concepts to children with easy and simple terms. If you want to open a door to this still somewhat “mysterious” concept, join us. Details and registration is here. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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