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BizJapan2This morning I ran 1.5 hour(supposed to be but cut short as some members were late!) workshop on social business at BizJapan Summit 2016.  I agreed to address this group as I was asked by my good friend of Beyond Tomorrow.  My title was “Social entrepreneur-key to respond and master the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  (I tried to set the tone and relate to social business, which I believe their interest.)

There were little more than 10 students from overseas and 5 from Japan. We waited 15 minutes for the last group to show up, but I decided to follow my rule of “Start on time and end on time.” and started the session by asking students what they want to see in the year 2030, i.e. their dream.  Many interesting ideas came up such as space exploration, opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams, poverty/hard labor eradication, demographic trend, solution to environment, etc.  which are very similar to what we discuss at the international conferences.

I then introduced what I do now and discussed how I see the world and Japan in 2016, emerging initiatives and role of technology & entrepreneurs etc. using slides.  We had good questions, some related to the critical issue of security, as well as my background and my own vision 15 years ago.  It seemed that majority of students are in early 20s. I suppose we could go on for a while, but we finished the session for lunch.

What surprised me was that the students, in particular Japanese students, seem to be so young and even so naive, probably as they have not been exposed to the outside world.  Another shocking discovery was how outdated the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center is!  Granted it is 50 years old, they had no wi-fi and the facilities and rooms seemed so old-fashioned.  I recall the comment I heard at latest Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum that “the classroom is the single space that has NOT changed since the beginning of time.”  Totally agreed.. I wonder what we can do…

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