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This afternoon (June 8), I had a privilege to join the Special session of Business & ICT Strategy Forum organized by Nihon Unisys Group. It was the two day event (today was the first day) and over 1000 people signed up for the session.
I gave a brief talk on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the significance of Business Ecosystem today first. Then I joined the panel with Mr Akiyoshi Hiraoka , President/CEO CHO of Unisys, with Mr. Tomio Kikyoubara, Director of ICT Innovation Research Institute of Nikkei BP Publications moderating.
I enjoyed the panel very much as I felt that I had an opportunity to discuss more specifics and details, responding to the questions/comments by Mr. Hiraoka who explained the initiatives by Unisys. (My talk was too focused on the world and more general, I felt, so I was glad that I could fill in specifics during the panel.)
The forum attracted more than 1,000 people and will continue onto the second day (tomorrow) with many more interesting sessions. I am grateful for the opportunity.

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