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Yesterday, April 20, as promised, I tried indoor skydiving at Yonkers, NJ.  It was my big birthday present by my stepson and his family.  As this year’s birthday is big one, I asked almost jokingly that I would like to try skydiving for my big birthday.  My stepson & kids welcomed? the idea and they located indoor skydiving called iFlY.  We made an arrangement and there were were.

I arrived at the venue with Uber arranged by them and they came from Bedford where they spend long weekend.  We watched other groups to fly and went through brief introduction.  We then put on the suits, and helmet and we were ready to go.  We did twice-first time for 1 minute to get used to? and the second time to try going up and down with the help of instructor.  It was such fabulous experience and I am so happy that I am able to celebrate big birthday with this dive.

I have two photos of us. We may get video of us, when I will post it.

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