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This morning, I had an honor to moderate the meeting where Bill Gates of Gates Foundation addressed the Parliament & Policy Makers. Bill explained activities of Gates Foundation in the area of world health and in particular, called for the continued support from Japan in technology and funding.  I was very impressed and interested in the approach of clarifying outcome and returns for the investment that Gates Foundation has pursued.  It as followed by the reports by three Japanese members on their activities in the area of world health. I was particularly interested in data visualization by Prof. Shibuya as it gives a very clear and easy to understand picture of world health.  After that we took some questions from the policy makers and Bill left to attend the press conference for Olympic program.

It is one thing to hear about the distinguished people such as Bill, (I have seen him at different international conferences before), but being close to the person and feel his passion and strong will to promote world health, which is the foundation of many other things, is another.  It was such an exciting and inspiring experience for me, I will see what I can do for the Japan office of the Gates Foundation.

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