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 New Year’s Day and the following day, January 2, were gorgeous days in Tokyo.  It was clear, crisp and invigorating.  On January 2, I decided to bike at the nearby park, as I was getting tired of writing and needed to get out to enjoy the beautiful day and the cool air. 

  At the nearby park where there are 2-km jogging  and cycling course, there were quite a few people relaxing and enjoying the nice lazy afternoon.  Some people were biking casually, also enjoying the holiday. 

  I decided to bike fast to train (it reminded me of British Columbia in the summer where there were so many mountain bikes and cyclists) just for fun.  I passed the boy who must have been 10 years old or so, wearing helmet and all the gear.  After a while, he caught up with me and passed me!  I got excited and decided to take up the challenge.  “If you want to race with me, I am ready!”  was how I felt.   I began speeding up and we biked side by side for a while.  When I finally passed him and thought I got him, he caught up and passed me again!  I was getting even more excited and competitive. 

  I started moving even faster and finally passed after we biked side by side for a while.  I decided not to loosen up because that was how he passed me before, and kept on moving fast.  After a while, he must have given up and I never saw him. 

  It was a game of sort, but required total concentration (and physical strength–which I felt I had owed to my circuit training instructors in British Columbia!)    I felt quite good we both tried so hard and I did not give up. 

  This is a small event on January 2, 2011, leaving me sore the next day!  What a way to start a new year!  Was I trying to prove something or was it just for fun?  The latter, I think, but it may have a small portion of the former…

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