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  I wrote about the big responsibility of moderating the large-scale brainstorming session and report back at the plenary on the last day of the Summit on Global Agenda 2011.  As I was reviewing the materials when packing the suitcase before I checked out, I came across with the two-page summary of brainstorming session the writer prepared. 

  The summary is very comprehensive and well written. I only wish I had read BEFORE I did the report-back at the plenary! 

  What I thought I received before the Plenary was one-page short summary. As I heard that I would get the summary before the plenary, I was expecting something longer like two-page summary(which was what the writer was kind enough to prepare.)   When I found out(I thought) there was just one page short summary, I was surprised (usually the WEF writers do a great job of summarizing the sessions) and at the same time, was  quite at a loss as to what to do. 

  I had no time to ask around as we were gettng ready for the plenary.  So I decided I would somehow do it.  I reviewed my hand-written notes and tried to put together summaries so that I could report back. You can tell how nerve wrecking it must have been!

  But there it was! If only I had seen the two-page summary which had been prepared by the writer, I would have been more relaxed!  I was very nervous right before the plenary and I even asked to be the second speaker rather than the first!

  The interesting and rather comforting discovery, however was, that the summary I hastily put together myself  was quite similar to what the professional writer put together on two pages.  So I felt I was not that off, though the time before the plenary was quite nerve-wrecking!   Interesting things do happen at the conferences.

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