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 The Field Study at ICS which began four weeks ago is coming to an end this week. Tomorrow, March 27, marks the last day of the field study that ICS student teams have done at different companies. 

  This week I have talked with not only my team but also two other teams which have been working on two different projects.   I was asked to sit through the presentation rehearsal for one of the teams this afternoon.  I found it very interesting  to listen to the presentation (I have NOT heard anything about the project before, so that was the first time!) and tried to understand their recommendation and the reasoning. I also spend some time with my team on Monday, yesterday and also today. 

  I belive the Field study is one of the best ways that the students learn how to apply what they have learned to the real problem in the real world. They come across with many issues such as; “What should the team do when they find out that their conclusion is completely opposite from what the client had expected?” “How should they deal with internal organizational issues (such as conflicts, politics) within the client organization, etc. etc.?” 

  They also realize how long things tend to take–about three to five times as much as originally planned!

  I am looking forward to hearing what the teams have learned or have not learned.  I can learn from their experience and incorporate what they have found into my problem solving course and other projects I am working on.   It is actually very good for me as I realize what kind of things can happen in the consulting project. (Sometimes I forget what I went through when I started as a management consultant.)   Tomorrow is a Big day!

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