Session #10 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series is held on Friday, December 13.  The topic is on Big Data & Analytics.  We see many articles almost every day about Big Data, Analytics & Data Scientists, etc., but it is not too clear what’s new about data and how we can make the best of it.

I am personally VERY interested in the potential of Data as strategic assets and so selected this topic for the last session of 2013.  The venue is at Google, Roppongi Hills, not at our usual place of Wilson Learning International.  We will start the session at 19:00.  (Due to security reasons, those who come late, will NOT be able to join the session, so be on time!)

Title of this session is “How to create Value from Big Data?” and the question for you is “Will Big Data change our society?”  Please check our website, respond to the questions with your comment.

Last session held on November 8, we had technical difficulties and the online discussion was cut short with only few people.  We were not able to post video archive of the session either, to our regret.  This time, we will make every effort to hold online discussion etc.  Please check our website for details, vote and comment and registration (either real or online.)

For this session, we are NOT organizing the networking event after the session as it ends rather late, but  I hope some of us who are interested can go out and have fun (on informal basis.)