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IMG_4439I spent a whole day today, New Year’s Eve, sorting papers and other materials & threw away most of them. I was determined to get it done today so that I can come closer to “simple life.” Now, my study (and my bedroom) looks clear of any file boxes with papers, and I can see the floor after probably 9 months!

IMG_4440I even went a bit further and decided to re-arrange my study (I moved my chair as I sit on Balance ball when I work) so that my desk is clear except two PCs and two printers. I never had my desk look so clean and I feel so good. (I was tempted to clean my walk-in closet, but decided not to.  It was getting too much and I need a bit more time.) It was almost like exploration as I find a few things I never knew I had! (Photo showing my desk and the floor of my study.)

I still have two boxes full of books  on the floor, but they will be delivered to Book-Off soon.

As it took over 10 hours to do it, my back hurts. But it is done and I can start the new year with clear mind. (I did not get around to write my season’s greetings, but I shall do so tomorrow. on the first day of 2015!)

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