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I received a note from the person I met on the flight from Dalian. We happened to sit next to each other and we started the conversation, beginning with the World Economic Forum Summer Davos, and further discussing the world economy and socio economic change. He is originally from India and now lives in Texas. He has his own business.

We ended up making a bet as we had quite a different view about the future of the U.S. economy (in the global context) and the change in lifestyle of U.S. consumers and in financial services industry. His view, as I understand it, is that the consumption focus of the U.S. consumers will come back once the crisis passes and the financial services industry will restore high compensation and risk taking behavior. My view is that the U.S. consumers will change their lifestyle and the world will be very different. As he lives in the U.S., he mentioned that without high consumption, the U.S. will not be able to grow its economy to stay as a leader in the world. Being surpassed by China, for example, will not be acceptable to the U.S. society. I said that the new service sector will emerge (other than financial services) and will grow the U.S. Economy.

After we argued back and forth, we decided to make a bet. In three years or so (I do not recall whether we set the specific time or not), we will decide which one of us is right. We exchanged name cards and agreed that we would continue exchange through e-mail.

His note arrived this evening, which delighted me. We will continue exchanging our views. I think this type of chance encounter is very exciting. My trip to Dalian was full of excitement, during the Forum and after the Forum.

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