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IMG_9025I arrived in New York JFK Wednesday evening EST after 12-hour flight from Narita.  Lately I find (for now) that evening flight seems to cause less trouble in terms of time zone change for the long flight/big time difference combination to the US east coast.  After a busy day in Tokyo of board meeting and preparatory meeting for the forum in May, I took the flight to JFK.  As usual, I enjoyed champagne and wine with my meal (it was a bit too rich), watched the movie “Star Wars Force Awakens” and slept close to 7 hours straight.

Coming into Manhattan, feeling as if I am back at the second home, I did grocery shopping and went to the gym to relax?  Had light supper of Manhattan clam chowder (my favorite, what else?) and went right to sleep.  Cold weather is forecast for the next two days, but I will enjoy my favorite city and second home!

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