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As the last activity of today (March 22), I attended the Welcome Session of Beyond Tomorrow. Beyond Tomorrow is the NPO which supports young people who have had economic and/or social hardships so that they could develop their capability to be leaders of tomorrow. It is based upon the concept of “Adversity make Great leaders.”
It began right after the Tohoku Big earthquake to help high school students who suffered from the earthquake and has recently expanded its activities called “Endeavor” to include high school students who live in the foster homes & facilities.
I have participated in their activities since they began. Every time I attend their events, I am very impressed with the strong will of the students who have suffered from a variety of difficulties to find purpose and move on. I find myself encouraged by their ever positive attitude and actions.
This evening was no exception.  I  heard students speech and presentations as well as the talk by Mr. Hashimoto, director general  and Mr. Habu, shogi pro and trustee of the NPO.  The talk show was very interesting as they talked about AI and Shogi, as well as what Shogi players eat for lunch! during the big title match.
I had met and talked with quite a few students-their experiences and expectations. I felt very strongly how important for them to have people who would listen to their stories, as it can make or break their lives. I also felt how students feel at ease when they have an opportunity to talk and do things together with people who have had similar experiences.
I am glad that I participated in the event. They gave me a lot of energy to move on.

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