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beyondI attended the Spring Forum 2012 of  Beyond Tomorrow. This is the initiative which was started to support high school students from Tohoku who suffered from March 11 disaster.  I have been involved with this initiative since last year and met with some students  at different occasions including annual meeting of New Champions (” Summer Davos”) in Dalian and G1 Global in Tokyo.

I have missed some events such as Tohoku Future Leaders Summit due to the scheduling conflict, (I received the DVD which shows their activities etc.) and wanted to make sure that I will attend the Spring Forum held yesterday, March 8.

I saw 25 students, some of whom I had met before, as well as supporters and organizers(many of my friends included)   I met with some people who have been involved with student exchange programs and we chat for a while as to how to encourage young people to go abroad themselves.

As March 11 is two days away, it was a good time to reflect the year.  Every time I hear their  stories of losing loved ones and other hardships, I feel we need to continue our effort to support them and to make sure that our lessons learned from the  disaster disclosed and communicated to the world.

It is even more important for us to move forward.  As some speakers said at the event,  from tough situations and disasters emerge great leaders and great ideas. I fully agree that the young generation leads our effort to create the better  future and the better world.

I also feel that encountering new people, new places,  new value systems is one of the best ways to stimulate our thinking and encouraging us to explore more.  So I am delighted that some students are going abroad and hope that they will make the best of the opportunities.

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