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IMG_7893 Today, I went to Closing/Presentation meeting of Japan Future Leaders summit 2015 held at Ark Hills Club. Summit was organized by Beyond Tomorrow, NPO and supported by the Japan Society and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. I have attended the workshop, closing/presentation meetings several times in the past as I have supported this organization.
This time, my schedule was so hectic when I received the invitation and could not respond for a while. As I finished majority of big symposiums and forum this past week, I asked whether I could still join. (Fortunately, they said fine!)
I managed to watch all 10 presentations by the high school students entitled “Vision of Japan in 2020”. (I was quite nervous as I wanted to watch all 10 so that I could vote AND to make it to my executive workshop which would start at 1:00 pm)
At this event, I am always inspired by the report of the organization’s activities, and by many young people who have supported high school and university students for the summit. From the presentations, creative and practical ideas that high school students have developed and their sense of responsibility to make the country better always inspire me. I renew my own sense of responsibility through this event.

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