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As I have informed you earlier, today was the day of Kazuki Yamada’s Anthem project concert at Orchard Hall, Bunkamura.  I was invited and was very much looking forward to it.  I had been involved with the project briefly two years ago, but have not kept up with it, except following tweets by Kazuki Yamada.  In fact, I saw very few familiar faces today, which is rather unusual.

This project is very ambitious in scope and without Kazuki’s passion, this would never have come to this far. (They are still about half way AND judging from Kazuki’s comment today,  this project may go beyond 2020!)  I thought the stories behind the concept of Anthem project and selection of pieces today etc. were very interesting and there must have been much more of these anecdotes behind it.  I wish it will be explained more in the story form for the whole program, so that the audience can get the beauty of the project, and not just comment/remarks in between pieces.

It was great to find that the Orchard hall almost full (relatively older generation was majority of audience). I am sure that the project team will work even more on how to position the series of concerts now.

As for the pieces, I have had many memories of the national anthem of the US, and thus the piece arranged by John Williams was grand in style and brought warm feeling to me.  The one that I was most impressed with was the last piece they played for encore.  The chorus at the end was simply magnificent.  I am grateful to be given the opportunity to attend.

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