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One of the things I wonder about people’s behavior when we want to learn something new and/or develop our skills further is reluctance/hesitation to face your status quo and start planning how to get better.   I think the best way to develop skills such as making a speech, presentation etc. is to practice and rehearse many times until you are confident.  It is better if you can record yourself and watch. For the language that is not your mother tongue, I think this is the most effective way to learn the language.  It appears that people do not want to watch/listen to themselves for some reason-probably they are embarrassed to see themselves and/or not having time to do so.

Language/communication skills is a tool and we need to use it as often as possible. What is even more effective is to record yourself (audio/video) when you practice and watch it yourself.  It is not only true for foreign language but also for your own language. Every one of us has some habit  such as saying “Well,” “You know” etc. We may use some term so often.  (In my case, I realized that I use certain Japanese words so often that it was distracting!)

For other skills such as sports, music etc. we often use video and watch.  It is because it is the best way to see what you do yourself.  We need to use tools as often as possible and practice is the only way to develop it. Do you want to join me recording speech/presentation tomorrow and watch it yourself?

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