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Over the past several days, I have realized the beauty and fun of team activities and collaboration.  Today, I had a meeting to discuss our course on Problem Solving with my colleague.  This year, we will teach together, as the course has become a required course and we decided to team-teach.  We had a meeting in June to discuss rough idea, think on our own and then have another meeting today.   I realize how nice to have a colleague to bounce off ideas.  I used to teach on my own, though have asked for help from other faculty members, and also have had teaching assistants who have given me many ideas.   As we team-teach this year, the course will be ours.  I am very excited about designing the course contents, materials, compare notes as to the format and approach.  I learned so much during our 1.5 hour brainstorming!

I have also asked for help to explore some materials and references for the problem solving and design.  I asked my friends, and the people I met for the first time for other purposes, and also asked for help through this blog.  It is quite amazing how much people are willing to help you with suggestions.  All of a sudden, I have so many references, and in addition, I get comments from those who have used them.  They include, “this book is good for xxx, but not for yyy, etc. etc.”  I know this is not exactly the “open system”, but quite similar in spirit.  Wisdom is everywhere, if you are ready for it.

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