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KMD class I now teach consists of students from a variety of countries. For some reason, I have no international students from Design area (GID students ) or Japanese students this year unlike last few years. Thus I have less diversity and yet, I am still benefiting from having students (business and economics majors mainly) from a variety of countries.
For example, we did the case “Haier in Japan” today and we heard from students from China about the company.  As majority of other students are from Europe, they had not heard/seen Haier and hearing directly from students from China about their experiences was very useful and helpful for us (including me to learn more about it beyond what is written in the case.)

As the case was about leadership style, I asked students their model of global leaders.  Rather than discussing characteristics of “global leadership” in vacuum, I much prefer to discuss specific people as I want to know who young generation see as global leaders.

We discuss “diversity” and “global leadership” often, but actually seeing diversity in action and finding out who their model global leaders gives me more food for thought. It is more real…

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