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Today, Sunday, August 4 was the mid day of the long day weekend.  Many people visit Whistler, taking an advantage of great weather.  It is high 70s and low 50s in the morning and evening, quite warm in the sun, but dry and comfortable.  I went to Farmers Market as always with my friend and we tried Okonomiyaki as always. (It is very popular and tastes so good.)  Walking around the area and picking up vegetables (greens, eggplant, beets etc.) and fruits (four different kinds of berries), we walked back to my unit.

I then worked on draft which is due Monday, Japan Time.  As the day is so long (it is light until little after 9 pm), I played 5 holes of golf in nice weather.  I tried BBQ grill which did not work yesterday.  It now ignites, but the temperature stays low and I could not cook.  I gave up and used stove to bake kale and beets.  Dinner was arugula salad and crab cake and prawn cake I had bought earlier. Staying away from wine, I worked on my draft and finally sent it to the editor.  As the week started in japan, I started getting notes, etc.

Starting tomorrow, I will work on my presentation in Brazil which is coming in a week.

After all, my day here is almost the same as I am in Tokyo. Difference is that the weather is much nicer, and I need not take subways to commute. I can step out and walk around when I get tired.  I am close to the nature and see many children and families having fun.

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