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 Today Nov. 18 marks the official release  of the Beaujolais nouveau 2010.  I do like wine, but am not necessarily an expert on it. What I do when thinking about wine is tell what type I like, the food I eat and ask for recommendation from the experts!  But a note from my friend this morning told me that it is THE DAY!

  I have stayed away from alcoholic drinks lately, not because I do not like them, but because I have been so pressed for time lately and have not felt relaxed enough to drink wine!  The last two times I did drink wine over the past several weeks are at the dinner with friends.

 I also drink wine on the flight, which has become few occasions I feel relaxed and enjoy!   But today, I feel I could enjoy a glass of wine, as I finished a series of interviews, got the project for March ready (finally) and have no deadline tomorrow!    It is nice to feel relaxed enough to enjoy the drink.

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