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As one of the banners of my website shows AND as I wrote on my blog several days ago, Shamisen concert by Hidetaro Honjoh at Opera City Recital Hall is this Thursday, December 26.  Hidetaro san is the teacher of my friend, Hidejiro Honjoh, I met several times.   The first time I met him was at the composition workshop Dai Fujikura organized in Tohoku (In fact, Dai is continuing this project as his tweets indicate).

I have heard Hidejiro san perform several times, but not his teacher.  He will play several pieces including Dai’s Sawari (world premier) and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s honj I-III. I am very much looking forward to it. Details are: Thursday, December 26  19:00 (Venue opens at 18:30)

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall (B1f)

I have another event Demo day at Code Chrysalis at the same time, but decided to go to Shamisen.  What I need is Avatar so that I can be at two different places?  I need to count on A. Fukabori’s team of Avatar IN to make it happen.  (He will be one of the guest speakers at our SINCA vol. 15 session on Jan. 25 at Shiseido Global Innovation Center).

As I said during the corporate seminar this afternoon, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  So probably we can do it soon. It will be wonderful to enjoy music (traditional instruments with contemporary composition) AND demonstration of coding projects.)

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