debate2 I wrote a draft about the significance of “being tough and disciplined” last year on my blog. As I want to write about two major events today–US Presidential debate and Shoji Ouisen final game- the same thought came back. So I decided to make use of the draft that has been kept for close to a year!
I watched US presidential debate through this evening as I completely forgot about it in the midst of following up variety of things for my course at KMD which started yesterday and of preparing for the renewal of my boat license this morning.
As I watched the whole debate, I realized how important toughness is today, to become a leader and stay as a leader. You are required to be both physically and mentally tough to continue doing things and to deliver results in the fast-paced world of today.
Watching Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton at debate made me realise that you need to be disciplined (get facts and not just words), speak clearly (and not repeat the same words over and over again) AND to stay cool when you are under attack (In the first half of the debate, there were  chaotic moments where Trump, in particular, kept on speaking over Hilary and sometimes vice versa.) I

thought Hilary’s comment, “you can talk about stamina after you visit over 100 countries and do negotiations of various kinds etc.” when Trump kept repeating that Hilary has no stamina. (It was not even the question he was asked…)
%e5%b0%86%e6%a3%8b%ef%bc%92I was also checking (not watching all the time) final game of Shougi Oui sen title match. After losing two in a row to the challenger, Kabuki Kimura, defending Oui Yoshiharu Habu turned around and won the last two games to defend his title. (He did not seem to be in a good shape in the past few months and I was getting worried.) This game of Shoji which requires all your brain for two days straight  also looked tough.
No matter what area you are in, you need to be tough to become a leader and to stay as a leader. That was the take away from the day of debate and Shogi.