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As informed earlier, our next SINCA session is Friday, September 20 (almost four weeks away). It is expert/topic session with Dai Fujikura composer/ producer now doing many things throughout the world.  We had Dai for Global Agenda Seminar series and at Davos Experience in Tokyo before.  He will produce Born Creative Festival 2019 scheduled on Saturday, September 28 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Ikebukuro.  Born Creative Festival is very exciting event where you get to be exposed to “new sounds/music” from the world.  It is a all day even with many interesting sessions.  If you buy the ticket to the Special concert in the evening, you can go to any one of the sessions.  I find from Dai’s tweet that some of the sessions are already full.  So hurry.

On Friday, September 20 at SINCA held at Pivotal, 20th floor of Roppongi Mori Tower, Dai will introduce variety of events/pieces he has been involved recently AND introduce details of Born Creative Festival 2019.  Two years ago, when we had the first of this event, I heard many “new music” almost for the first time, and found them intriguing.

At our SINCA session, Dai will share his idea of how we can unleash creativity all of us have when we are born.  Then we will ask participants to use their new found creativity to develop ideas/programs to let the public be aware of the beautify of these new music by making them accessible.  So join us to find a new “creative” you.  Details are here and you can register here.

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