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IMG_6027It is still Saturday, July 4, US Independence Day at where I am. What else to do on 4th of July other than BBQ? So I bought ribeye steak and decided to grill on my terrace. (My unit has grill on the terrace and I checked whether it worked or not earlier.)
I also marinated fresh local vegetables such as eggplant, pepper, green asparagus, & onion with garlic, olive oil, rosemary, salt & pepper and Balsamic vinegar.
My steak and baked vegetables came out just perfect and was so good with a glass of red wine.
Now I am ready to hit the Olympic Plaza for the VSO concert.

IMG_5978I am so sore from the circuit training and am thinking that I should probably take a day off tomorrow! Sunday is the day for relaxation… (I am almost finished with drafts and responses to inquiries….)

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