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IMG_0722 Though I missed Ironman Canada last weekend, I just made it back for the CanadianBBQ Championships held every year at BC. I slept solid until almost 8:00 a.m. this morning, rushed to circuit training and survived 1.25 hour of circuit (called low-impact, but it was tough enough for me after 1 week!)
It is crisp and clear morning at 20C or so, and sun is so bright. People wear T shirt and short pants, but I wear fleece as it is quite windy…
IMG_0719I went to re-write my rental car at AVIS office (if you rent at airport, tax is more expensive) for my almost new VW JETTA.
I then went to sample some BBQ, only to find that sampling for next round was another hour or so. But I managed to try as judge of BBQ sauce and ended up sampling quite a few. (I also had sausage and sweet corn!) It was based upon CDN1 donation for any sampling. It was nice to be out in the wide open area with blue sky close to nature. I am BACK!

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