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This morning(May 7, 9 am JST) I joined BBC Business Matters.  I have had the opportunity to join this show several times, but I usually go to the studio to listen in and comment.  This time as we are semi-locked down, I was asked to do it via facetime audio.  I have used facetime w video before (talking to my step son’s family in the US etc.), but have not used audio only, so I searched the web (no luck!) and asked BBC staff how I can block video.

I had no problem as they called before.  (I found it is so easy!)  The other guest was Saadia Muzaffar, Founder of TechGirls Canada (whom I contacted after the show to find out more about their organization etc.

Topic we covered included US China Trade talks which seems to get more intense, new approach to investment, economy & Covid 19 in Brazil, among others.  I heard that Florian, founder of Kraftwerk group from Germany passed away, but did not know the group,  So I contacted my friend in London.  (It appears that neither of us belong to the generation which was influenced by the group!).   We also talked about KH Festival which was done online in 11 minutes! without gala set up with artists etc.

As it is a live show, I always feel that there are more things I could have said, etc. but I am grateful for the opportunity.   Here is the link to the show.

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