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This morning  (10 am JST), I joined the show BBC Business Matters. I have joined several times in the past (probably once or twice in 3 month interval).  This is the live show and we find out the topics few hours before the show.  Today’s show was around Covid-19  and we discussed stock market move which does not seem reflect the real economy  and widening wealth gap in some economies.  Though we do not see huge gap in wealth in Japan, compared with the US and other economies, we have relatively high ratio of poverty.  In particular, single mother household is the hardest hit by Covid-19.

As I found the result of survey by Ashinaga foundation (which supports orphaned students to continue education) last night as I have made donations to this foundation, I talked briefly about it.  We also talked about ageing society with the news of China where pensions etc. has been debated. (I shared my experience of being interviewed for the Second Life (I am baby boomer generation and qualify for this), while I am still busy keeping up with the First life! )

We also heard the story by Rob Young on  the sectors (retail etc.) severely impacted by Covid-19 and how people are (or not) coping with hardships.  At the end we talked about change in work style and email. I was asked whether I use EMOJI (which I have not-with no reason) and sent Thank you note to all involved with EMOJI (first experience!)

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to join this show, though I still get a bit nervous!  You can listen here.

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