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This morning,(Friday, Oct. 15). I joined BBC Business Matters from home. It is live and we usually find out the topics few hours before the show.  Today, they added the status of Womenomics in Japan at the last minute.

The show started with the issue around Twitter related to US election (Push back? from Trump & the Republican party).  This is the topic I wish I could have said more!  It was followed by huge demonstration in Thailand and the BTS, Korean group which is extremely popular with huge fan base throughout the world.  We also talked about little progress (or rather regression) of women in the labor market in Japan.

I thought it was very interesting to see how effective YouTube is in Africa for young people to learn and develop skills for animation.  (In fact, I use YouTube for learning video editing and lately Bokken Suburi) (Photo on the left)

Last item was driverless car in San Francisco.   As San Francisco is one of the most difficult place to drive around, I was so amazed that driverless car could work there.  Here is the link to listen to the show.

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