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This morning, I joined the show BBC Business Matters. The presenter was Rob Young.  I have been invited several times before and this time, I managed to do it on the day I leave the country.  The topics included Apple performance (in particular, iPhone sales down sharply), Fed interest rate cut, mini toiletries at the hotels, employment of disadvantaged people, as well as declining sales of razor and blade, indicating the change in consumers behavior.  We talked about South Korea/Japan trade issues as well.  I checked the news after the show, to find that things are getting very complex as security issues are added in addition to the trade issues.  Ralph Silva who joined from Toronto is broadcast analyst (according to his profile)  and had a lot to say.  You can listen to the show here.

As always, there are lot of things I felt I could have done better (i.e. I have lot of things to learn!) , but I am grateful to be given this opportunity.  This marks all my assignment during 1-week stay in Tokyo in the hot/humid weather.  I am now off to Vancouver…

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