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 This morning (June 13) I joined the BBC radio show, Business Matters. I have been invited several times before and always welcome the opportunity.  Rob Young is the presenter today and Alexander.Kaufman in New York is the other guest.  It is the live show with news, and some reports and two of us are asked for some comments here and there.

Today’s topics included Demonstration in Hong Kong, Climate report published in UK, E3 game event in Los Angeles, Happiness index developed in Bhutan, issues around plastics such as Lego.  We are informed a short while before the show about the items and I need to think quickly as to what I say.  Sometimes, I know so little about the topic, and/or the questions turn out to be very different from what I expect.  I try to respond somehow, which requires quite a bit of thinking on the spot.  Among today’ items, I have had so little experience of playing games and Lego, so my comments were not too relevant.

I made some comments regarding the Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Iran, as briefly touched upon PM Abe’s effort for international diplomacy in the Opinion I wrote for the Japan Times few days ago.  You can listen to the show here.  (I believe it works for a few weeks.)

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