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9 am (JST) this morning, I joined Jamie Robertson and Peter Morici on BBC Business Matters.  I was scheduled for last week, but with situation in India getting of hand,(thus guest from India is better), I joined this morning.

We began with the news of divorce by the Gates, (I found out early this morning! and was quite surprised) , followed by  successor of Warren Buffet , both related to Gates foundations.   Apple & Epic was issue was top news and we talked briefly about anti-competition policies. (After the show I checked the Japan FTC competition policy around technology and found some, but mot many!).

I was asked to comment on the Covid 19 and Olympics/Paralympic status in Japan, (Business Matters covered this topic several times before).  Overseas media have been quite vocal about the decision (or lack of) on Olympics in the face to rising Covid-19 infections in  Japan. In particular,  the “request” of the government to nurses to “volunteer” for Olympics and vocal protests from the healthcare community.   Many issues such as lack of speedy action to arrange for the vaccines, logistics problems of the vaccines shipped from overseas, poor arrangement for reservation systems for vaccines,, lack of transparency etc. etc. have been disclosed in the face of Covid-19.   (This situation has frustrated me so much that I now do NOT follow the news)

The last topic was light-what we eat for lunch while Covid0-19 made us eat at home day in and day out.  I cook every day and try variety of recipes.  It so happened that I “perfected” the thin crust pizza with spring roll wrap/skin and home made tomato sauce, using Convection oven and  pizza stone.  It did not impress others, (hahaha), but  it made me feel better last night!!  Here is the link to the show.

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