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 Today was a very busy day with a series of meetings, and writing.  I just made a deadline for the form I was asked to fill out today. As I still have half an hour, I feel relieved! 

  I fiished 1-1 meetings with students who took the Competitiveness course (except two that did not show up) and have only the final write-up to do. It is a nice feeling that I completed the course. 

  I also had three meetings to discuss the possibility of the project which I plan to start in April.  They were very useful in that they gave me the opportunity to present my idea, get some input and feedback and think more about the implementation.  

  The biggest accomplishment for today, however, was that I finished the first round review of the book manuscript.  Though it is due on Monday, I wanted to finish so that I can spend the weekend to do other things on my To do list.  It was a bit nerve wrecking as I had to make revisions, copy them and bring it to the editor at the publishing company.  But it is done for now and I am so relieved.

  I will enjoy the rare occasion of relaxation for a while and think about the seminar tomorrow!

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