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When I was listening to the podcast few days ago, I heard that this will be the last time Barbara Walters will have an interview with the Oscar winners.  I found out that she is 80 years old.  It was in early 1970s when I saw her first time when they had Japan Special on Today Show.  She was one of the anchors of the show.

At that time, I was what is now called “neat”(is this the right spelling or is this Japanized English, it is freelancer) without full time job, working part time for translation and going to school for conference interpretation.  I believe several of us got a job to work as translator through school for the team from NBC.  They sent a team of some 20 people or more, including talents, researchers, production team etc.

Shows were done 2 days in Tokyo, 2 days in Kyoto and 1 day in Osaka, I recall.  I had a wonderful time, working with people in the media. (I particularly liked the production people including producers, directors, assistants, researchers etc., rather than the people on the screen.)  I knew so little about Barbara Walters, but I thought she had a presence and was very professional. She asked a lot of questions, made sure that she understood the background etc.   She was demanding, but not that difficult to work for.

Several years after that encounter with Barbara Walters in Japan, I went to the U.S. and lived there for 7 years or so.  Barbara Walters was still very big on TV as excellent interviewers. I was always amazed her energy and effort to stay important in that business. (Many anchor people came and go while she persisted.)  And now she is 80 years old and this is the last year she does interviews for Oscars.  How does she stay “young” so long?  Amazing thing is that she seems to be as interested, curious as almost four decades ago and skillful and so professional in what she does.

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