At TEDxTokyo yesterday (May 21), Garr Reynolds talked about lessons from Bamboo.  It was great  presentation (what else do we expect from the master of Presentation Zen?).  What impressed me was the story itself.   He touched upon Aikido briefly as another example demonstrating the natural flow, resilience  etc.   While listening to his presentation, I find myself totally agree with his description of Aikido.

  This morning I went to Aikido class after missing one class last week. During the one before, I had a hard time doing the Front Roll and hit my neck, head, elbow, you name it, hurting all over my body.  I was a bit discouraged as I could not get the hang of it during the class and I felt that I could not do it! 

  As I missed the class last week and in my mind, the impression of the bad front roll remained for two weeks.  I was even debating whether I should go or not this morning.

  But then I remembered Garr’s presentation and the story of bamboo (I was also inspired by Black’s presentation of Yo Yo and his story that Yo Yo was something he could do though he hated all the sports when he was a kid and pursued his dream of becoming a world champion),  I decided to give it a try. 

   I ended up feeling refreshed and energized (we did not do front roll today!), as Aikido reflects the concept of natural flow so well.  I regained my interest and passion about Aikido.  Now I can continue making effort to practise and get better.