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Though I spent several hours a day on tech-online course while in British Columbia, I have been away from it for several days as I have been traveling and have had series of meetings in Tokyo.
I believe we need to continue new skill development on daily basis, I have been frustrated and worried about not following my routine. It cannot be helped as meetings for the next phase of our initiative are important AND I needed to get some sleep to stay alert in the extreme heat and humidity in Tokyo. (Almost a different world from British Columbia.)
I almost forced myself to resume even for a short while last night and spent about an hour trying to catch up. What made it even more difficult was that the assignment I have been working on is one of the hardest so far that my personal mentor and I spent close to an hour (instead of half an hour) trying to figure out last time.
I found out, however, that I remembered most of it and felt relieved last night. Encourage by this, I spent a few hours this afternoon, getting back to the routine of tech training. I resumed asking questions to the chat mentor several times. I think I completed the first part of the assignment and feel that I am back to business! The rest of the assignment is more complex but I think I can get done with the help of mentors. (I have personal mentoring session on Saturday!) I also feel that this course is very well designed not to lose the participants in the process. (I am taking the course over 16 weeks!)
Many things to learn, not only the skill itself, but also how to support people when they lear new skills.

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