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写真 2 These past two days brought me back to my “other” world.. One was KMD Graduation party (See photos below) and the other 写真 (47)was Office Opening party of Ogilvy & Mather.(Two photos on the left).   I felt revived at these two places, partly because it was very different from the recent events I was involved with and thus added “color” to my activities.   Those I was involved earlier included G1 Global Conference and Swiss Re Annual Forum 2014, both of which were very good and inspiring, but very different. 10448433_10204673576267450_6749884455581492417_o As you can tell from the video and/or photo, both of the two worlds have very unique value of their own. I am very fortunate to have been exposed to these two “so to speak” different worlds and feel comfortable in both of them. I think it is always better to have more than one world. I am still exploring to to have 10636424_10152704012050050_7436415294675156077_omore “new” world (for me.)

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