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Audiencefor DalIMG_6877 This evening (August 21, Friday), free outdoor concert was held at Olympic Plaza, Whistler after some time. The band was well known big band, Dal Richards Orchestra with 97-year-old Dal conducting. I saw the article about Dal and was very much looking forward to it as I love standard jazz.
I missed their first piece, “In the Mood”, but made it just in time to hear “Fly away with me” (this is my favorite together with Fly me to the moon.) They played many songs I know such as Caravan, Sing Sing Sing where people (including me) were clapping, twisting and cheering.
I stayed close to stage and felt that I am revived! Live music does wonders for you. Great way to spend Friday evening (it was getting quite chilly, but we were all very excited and happy!)

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