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img_7342Today (September 26) marked the first day of my course entitled “Business Strategy in the era of Drastic Change” at KMD. After I introduced my own activities and background, I shared my view re: how I see the world today and explained an overview of the course. I decided to do something different this year, based upon the feedback from the CEMS headquarters requesting to do more analytical and “orthodox” case studies. It is also my policy that I try something different every year. Thus I selected cases relevant to Japan and also the new business model and emerging trends. Our group projects are designed in a different way from the previous years. I also used my Mac Air for the first time to show slide which turned all the slides very lavender!
img_7389 It looks that I will have 12 CEMS students, 8 or so GID students, KMD and SDM students, in total some 30 or so. I think the size is manageable compared with over 40 last year. It is great to interact with young people from different countries and different background. I am  looking forward to the exciting classes.
Right after the class, I ran into three (one of them is my TA) from last year’s class.(Photos I post with this entry are from last year. I did not take any today!)   It was very nice to see them as they are like my family. It is nice to be back at KMD.

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