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After I came back last night from British Columbia, I went to bed with little food and little unpacking, based upon the lessons I learned last time. I had thought I would get up early anyway and have time to sort documents, prepare etc. for meetings scheduled for today. I had assumed that the rain would stop, but it rained all day (I borrowed the umbrella at CASPAR!)  We visited CASPAR showroom near Yoyogi Uehara  to meet with A. Saxena, our guest for tomorrow’s Global Agenda seminar.  They explained their activities how their system is seamless and automatic (not sure whether this is the right word) unlike remote controlled houses.  They showed us video that explains what their “home” does and we discussed what kind of target they might go after in Japan.

Tomorrow, Saxena san will explain their concept(starting from robotics) and their unique value proposition, using slides.  After his presentation, I will join with another CASPAR staff for the discussion.  As always I plan to open up to the floor so that participants can ask many questions directly.  It will be an interesting session, so if you happen to be available tomorrow, please join us.  Details are here.

After that, I went to Pivotal located on the 20th floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, which is to be our venue for our SINCA vol. 12 session on September 20.  Goki Omata, my friend, took me around and we talked about the topic-Unleashing our inherent creativity with Dai Fujikura, composer/producer who would also introduce Born Creative Festival 2019.  Pivotal’s office is very casual, relaxed and great for creative work. Goki and I talked about their work-digital transformation-with Japanese clients, which I found very interesting.  They will introduce what and how Pivotal works with clients.  Their office is worth visiting.  You can see details ad register for the session on September 20, here.

Last on the agenda was the visit at WeWork Nogizaka.  Though not announced yet, we will hold SINCA vol. 13 on Friday, October 25 at WeWork Nogizaka.  It is another very nice space where people with different fields and interesting in collaborating can have creative discussion and endeavor.  WeWork is very comfortable and casual space.  We will inform the topic etc. for Oct. 25 session later one.


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