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After the time spent with family for over a week, today, June 25, marked the first “back to business almost as usual” day for me. It is “almost” as we had Japan team play at the World Cup at 5:00 a.m. this morning.

It began with the meeting to discuss big company event in November. After I had lunch with my friend to discuss recent activities and to plan our next steps, I had the advisory board meeting and interview.

The interview was the first of the series I am to do for the online column and I found our talk very interesting. It was definitely today’s highlight.

Sometimes I wonder why some meetings are very interesting to make me think about many more issues and others seem to be waste of time without clear objective and significant takeaway.

It almost shows the difference between the organizations clear with vision and dedicated leadership team, and that which seem to just follow the procedure with no sense of efficiency or productivity. The size of the organization does NOT seem to distinguish the two groups.

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