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IMG_6907IMG_6908 I took flight NH 115 from Vancouver (August 26) and arrived at Haneda on August 27. The aircraft for NH 115 is Boeing 787 and I liked the aircraft very much.
I had been very interested in this craft when Boeing was developing, as it was one of the first open innovation attempt for the type of industry that was NOT perceived to be ready for Open innovation.
The development took much longer than originally planned (the inaugural flight was supposed to be in time for Olympics in Beijing in 2008!). I was also very interested in the aircraft as carbon fiber composite? was used quite extensively for the first time (as I understood) for this type of aircraft. I heard the cabin would not be as dry as the conventional aircraft (from the designer) and I was even more excited.
Even after the delayed launch, 787 had some battery issue and stopped for some time. But now it seems that it is now in service without much problem.
I love to fly and the cabin is quite comfortable. As I do always for the long haul, I enjoy wine, dinner and one movie (I watch “Tomorrow Land”, which was fun) and slept for a while. By the time I arrived at Haneda, Thursday evening, I felt quite rested.
WAW1IMG_6918Now I am back to “business as usual” and spent a whole day going over regular mail, did two teleconferences and board meetings. The last item of my today’s list was WAW reception. I was late, but  made it to reception and saw many friends.(see photo on the left)

I wish I could have heard Prof. Linda Hill’s speech, as every single one of the people I saw there said how impressive and inspiring she was..

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