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As the month of September started today, many inquiries and requests for appointment started pouring in. (I received few calls from bankers today!)  It seems that the new month (naturally, as we change the calendar…) triggers different behaviours in people, (I believe in Japan, many schools start today, though not universities until later.)

IMG_1144Though I found myself feeling somewhat different from the familiar places and events right right after I come back from summer spent overseas last Sunday, refreshed impression and new perspectives, together with frustrations with inefficiency found in Tokyo seems to businesshave died down quickly.  To my regret, I have come back to “business as usual” mindset… I believe it would be much better if I can keep fresh view and perspectives to think and perceive familiar events and places to generate new ideas and innovative approaches.  It almost feels as if it has been a month since I spent exciting time in  New York and enjoyed quiet and refreshing nature of British Columbia!

These few days, I began preparing full swing the seminars and workshops scheduled these few months.  In fact, this coming Sunday will be the kick-off of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2016 workshop program.  The topic this year is “Change perspective,  change yourself.” I am now trying to figure out how we can make participants capture the difference and excitement of having different perspectives.  (I myself felt exactly that when I came back on Sunday!)

A week from tomorrow, on September 9, we will host #40 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at NEC. We will discuss how we can spread new technologies such as elements of AI(Artificial Intelligence)  so that people make the best of them.  Artificial Intelligence has been a very hot topic and it will be a topic at the Forum in October where I serve as moderator.  (We will discuss how AI is applied to certain industries.)  In addition, on November 3, we will hold the special session featuring AGI with Dr. Yamakawa.  So there will be some opportunities we can learn more about AI.

As for the session on Friday, Sept. 9, you will be waitlisted if you register now (as I wrote yesterday on my blog.)  But if you are interested, be sure to register and give it a try as we usually have some last minute cancellations and no-shows. Here is the link.

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